Founded in 2013, Traveller Capital manages a series of private investment funds that are focused on the LP secondary market. Through the management and stewardship of our investor’s capital, we are guided by three core tenets of our investment philosophy:
We are value (and values) oriented investors
We seek LP interests managed by GPs that are transparent, honest, and have demonstrated a strong track record and investment experience.
We are patient partners
Private equity is a long-term investment strategy, and our goal with each acquired LP interest is to hold the acquired LP interest for the duration of the partnership term as a supportive capital partner.
We are owners as well as investors
Our capital is invested alongside our partners in every transaction, helping to foster alignment with investors.

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Drew Crichton

Drew Crichton is the Founder and Managing Member of Traveller Capital Advisors, LLC, the investment advisor for the Traveller Capital Partners family of funds. Drew has over fifteen years of experience as an investor in private equity funds and prior to founding Traveller Capital, he was a Principal with Sun Mountain Capital. Drew graduated from Washington & Lee University magna cum laude, received a JD from SMU Dedman School of Law and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).


For nearly a decade, Traveller Capital has been an active buyer in the secondary market, providing a path to liquidity for investors seeking an exit option for their illiquid assets.
We believe that success in the secondary market requires both deep experience and a strong reputation, gained through an active and focused record of investing. Since inception, Traveller Capital has completed the acquisition of over 100 LP interests, underscoring a commitment to our three “C’s”: character and trust in negotiations, certainty as a transaction partner, and confidentiality throughout the sale process.


Traveller Capital will consider LP interests in a wide range of U.S-based fund types, including leveraged buyout, venture, growth equity, credit/mezzanine, and natural resource funds. In term of scope, we generally seek two types of transactions:

Single LP positions

Since inception we have focused on the acquisition of small-scale LP interests – which may be held by individuals, trusts, family partnerships, or institutions – and is an area of the secondary market that we believe is underserved by larger secondary market firms.

Portfolio of LP Positions

Our single LP position approach holds true for portfolios of such interests as well. We have the knowledge and experience to transact on a multi-fund portfolio sale, having worked with a variety of sellers on portfolio trades, from family offices to fund of funds and other institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe.

Please contact us if you would like to explore liquidity options within your private fund holdings.
All inquiries are kept confidential.



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